First Look At ‘Good Omens’ Characters In Costume

We recently reported that the live-action version of Neil Gaiman’s and Terry Pratchett’s Good Omens had begun production – and now, we have our first look at stars Michael Sheen an David Tennant in their costumes. The writers’ delightful story about an angel and a demon working together to prevent


Issue 3 Event:LSCC Date: 25-27 August 2017 Location: Business Design Centre, London A new location and date for this much loved con. A heavy hitter on the convention landscape. We asked con goers who their favourite comic book characters were and why: Want to tell us your favourite comic

Machinima SBOC at Comic Con 2017!

This year, something is coming. Something huge. Something no-one saw coming. Some…THING… on the wing. *…Wait. What?* MACHINIMA SBOC INTRODUCES THE FIRST MACHINIMA EXPERIENCE AT MCM COMIC CON MAY, LONDON!!! But what does that mean? With AAA guests and partners such as Special Effect, Dream Team Gaming, Lootcrate, Razer, Nvidia,

Review: Children of the Dark

Author: Jonathan Janz Pages: 293 Publisher: Sinister Grin Press Release date: March 2016   Jonathan Janz is not a particularly well-known horror writer, and compared to his peers is fresh to the genre. Such a thing is exciting, not least because in the wake of a highly successful old guard

The Weekly Show: Join Our Audience!

Hot on the heels of our incredible presence at MCM London here are the upcoming dates for The Weekly Show: 9th June 2016, 5pm – 9pm 13th June 2016, 5pm – 9pm 20th June 2016, 5pm – 9pm 1st July 2016, 5pm – 9pm Come join us for hysterical antics,

A New Creed of Assassin

Coming out at the end of the year will be Assassins Creed, the big screen adaptation of Ubisoft’s immense historical and scientific magnum opus set in the modern day and in past times, which have been rebuilt and researched by large groups of historians and cultures of varying faiths and


Machinima SBOC celebrates May the 4th with some Star Wars shenanigans! Get all the latest geek and pop culture news at BIG NEWS, Machinima SBOC and The Weekly Show LIVE On Stage @ MCM London Comic Con 27th-29th May. Come Join In! On this weeks show Dan, Erica and


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