SBOCLIGHT ON… Inzen Studios (StarTap)

Hello and welcome to SBOCLIGHT ON… our weekly feature where we dive into the nitty gritty of gaming’s most indie of offerings. Here, we will shine a SBOClight (get it?) on one game/studio, offering a never before seen look at its fun parts. Sometimes, there will be interviews, sometimes development

Medievil Remastered Coming to PS4

Sir Daniel Fortesque is back! Fans of 1998’s Medievil rejoice as Sony took to the stage at this year’s PlayStation Experience to announce that a PS4-grade remaster is coming just in time for the game’s 20th Anniversary. For the uneducated of you, Medievil was a third person adventure game released

The Game Awards 2017 Round Up

The Game Awards aired last night and brought with it a tonne of great game trailers, announcements and awards. From a simply baffling trailer courtesy of Kojima to a release window for the long-awaited Dreams, this year’s show definitely delivered. So for your convenience, we’ve rounded up all of the

Where are They Now? – Spyro

When the original PlayStation launched it had no mascots, no characters which were associated with the brand and nothing for gamers to attach too and then along came Spyro, the little purple dragon that could. With three games on the original PlayStation alone, Spyro instantly became a PlayStation classic and a

A Hat in Time – Review (PS4)

Initial Release Date: 6th December 2017 A Hat in Time is an absolutely brilliant, fun, and beautiful game that will captivate you from the start. While it may look like a cutesy game for kids there are plenty of more grown-up, and even morbid in some places, jokes and references

StarTap – Review

Initial Release: 3 August 2017 If you are looking for an idle game that is different from the typical “level-up-to-kill-bigger-bosses” concept, StarTap might just be the one for you. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go out into space… Alone? And what would it be like, if you were observing

We Rank the Assassin’s Creed Series

The Assassin’s Creed franchise is one of my all-time favourites, its open world antics and frantic stealth gameplay makes it stand out in gaming as something incredibly different. Whether it be free running past the pyramids of Giza or sailing around the oceans, the franchise has an incredibly large scope.

Where are They Now: The Simpsons Games

The Simpsons franchise is hands down one of the biggest franchises in the entire world. Spanning 29 seasons with a whopping 626 episodes and counting, The Simpsons is still undoubtedly ingrained in modern media. Not only is it the longest-running American animated show and longest running American primetime scripted show, it’s


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