Two New Xbox One S Bundles Announced

Microsoft have announced two new Xbox One S bundles set to launch in the coming weeks. The first involves everyone’s favourite brick builder Minecraft. The Xbox One S Minecraft Complete Adventure Edition features a 500GB hard drive, Xbox One wireless controller, full-game download codes of Minecraft and Minecraft: Story Mode

The Evil Within 2 Review (PS4)

Initial Release: 13 October 2017 The Evil Within 2 has managed to do something which hasn’t been done for over a decade now. By boiling the core tenants of the survival horror genre into their most basic parts and then placing them onto a more open and altogether modern skeleton, they

Expand Review (PS4)

Initial Release: 3 October 2017 (PS4) For a small indie game it’s practically flawless Expand is a wonderfully minimalistic puzzle game in which the player controls a tiny pink square as it moves through a series of constantly shifting mazes around a central fixed point. The developers, Chris Johnson and

Oculus Launching New VR Headset Next Year

Now that the dust has settled on wave one of commercial VR, many of us have been wondering, what’s next? Oculus have taken a step towards answering that question today by revealing that they will release a brand new standalone VR headset next year. The news comes from the Oculus

Pokkén Tournament DX Review (Nintendo Switch)

Initial Release: 22 September 2017 Upholding the high standard of AAA games released on the Switch thus far, Pokkén Tournament DX is another strong marketing choice made by the bods over at Nintendo. Last week brought the much-anticipated release of Pokkén Tournament DX for the Nintendo Switch, an update of 2016’s Pokkén Tournament

FIFA 18 Review (PS4)

Initial Release: 29 September 2017 FIFA 18 is definitely an improvement on last years entry, with nice tweaks in Ultimate Team that will keep you coming back for more and the return of Alex Hunter in FIFA’s second attempt at an in-depth story campaign that creates a much more rewarding

Metroid: Samus Returns Review

Initial Release: September 15 2017 An ideal place for newcomers to understand the series before the eventual Switch debut that leverages the old and the new perfectly. The shapely shoulder pads of Samus are a welcome sight after such a long vacation, Samus has indeed returned. Not unlike waiting for

Marvel Is Introducing A New Character: Morningstar

Marvel’s mobile game Marvel Contest of Champions (by Kabam) has been going down a storm with fans, and through this game, Marvel is introducing a new character, named Morningstar. The character description reads: “She started out as a bloodthirsty and tyrannical queen at the turn of the 10th century who

Hands on With Runescape Mobile

Written by David Warren (Freelance) In July, Jagex revealed that they would be releasing both of their long-running MMORPGs Old School Runescape and Runescape to both iOS and Android devices in winter & early 2018 respectively. Machinima SBOC were invited by Jagex to check it out at its current development

Steamworld Dig 2 Review (PS4/Vita)

Initial Release: September 22 2017 By sticking to the elements of the series that work the best and by not introducing anything new for the sake of being new they have distilled it into what is, probably, the perfect SteamWorld game. The feedback loop is an incredibly important part of


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