‘The Gifted’ Trailer Premieres at SDCC ‘In a world mutated humans are treated with distrust and fear, an institute for mutants battles to achieve peaceful co-existence with humanity’ – this, IMDb’s tagline for upcoming Marvel series The Gifted makes it sound an awful lot like the X-Men movies we have already seen. However, while this

The Defenders Come Together

We’ve talked about what to expect from the upcoming The Defenders series quite a bit since it was announced way back when the Marvel Netflix Universe was still in its infancy but now, after the teaser images and trailers have been done and put aside, we can enjoy the first

Iron Fist Season Two Announcement

Big news from SDCC 2017 Day Two! Following the excitement of Sigourney Weaver blessing the Defenders panel and discussion about the upcoming Defenders series on Netflix, it was also announced by head Marvel TV man Jeph Loeb that Iron Fist will be getting a second season. One of the most

The Walking Dead season 8 trailer

Another day, another trailer. We’re now convinced that SDCC is powered by them. Yet, this is for The Walking Dead‘s eighth season promo and it’s a good ‘un. So, we’ll just leave it right here for your enjoyment: The video is self-explanatory as to just what to expect with this

American Gods s1 ep8 – Review

Season 1, Episode 8: “Come to Jesus” Starring: Ricky Whittle, Emily Browning, Ian McShane, Pablo Schreiber, Crispin Glover, Yetide Badaki, Bruce Langley, Gillian Anderson, Orlando Jones, Jeremy Davies, Kristin Chenoweth, Parveen Kaur We reach our main characters’ culminations, as well learning about some personalities we have already met and meet

The New Doctor is Born

After many months of speculation the 13th Doctor has been announced and it is non-other than the incredibly talented Jodie Whittaker. The longer we waited for this announcement the longer and more ridiculous the list of possibilities became. Well, to Machinima SBOC’s standards it was. We really did have Kermit the


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Event: Hyper Japan
Date: 14-16th July 2017
Location: Tobacco Docks, London

We caught up with 10 of the best dressed at Hyper Japan and asked them what influences their looks, and style.

1. @amygreenidge 
2. @effiiaura 
3. @Skittles_sama 
4. @secret_yuuki
5. @tequila_kyle 
6. @heroinmyth 
7. @x_penelo_x 
8. @neonpotato115 
9. @toni_Chopper
10. @kashitherogue 
#hyperjapan #cybergoth #fairykei #hamabeads #japanesefashion #Lolita #nekomimi #rave #streetfashion  #visualkei #sweetlolita
  • . @robktastagram at #Gamerdisco #smashingit #frenchhouse #USA #tunedem #geeks #geekytime #geeky #dj #funkyhouse
  • Here to watch Dunkirk! 
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