Ever New Joy Rainbow Brain Activation Reclaim Your Crown!

Ever New Joy: Rainbow Brain Activation- Reclaim Your Crown!

~~~~~ Ever New Joy ~~~~~
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~~Ever New Joy~~: Rainbow Brain Activation: Reclaim Your Crown!
Dear Great Beings,
It is time for us to reclaim our Crowns!
There is a great movement blossoming now to restore the Crown of the planet!
I would love to click here help you in a phone session to reactivate your Crown and thus help you to adjust to the incoming planetary energies and also regain your Self-Sovereignty.
* * *
If you are interested in a phone session please email me at for more info.
You can also visit my website for more info
I look clash of clans cheats tool forward to working with you!
* * *
As we restore the Crown, the Brain of the planet, we restore our future and our Divine Heritage.
As we restore our own crown, we regain our Self-Sovereignty.
As we restore our Crown we become Queen/King of our lives!
The Brain is the Rainbow Crystal
The upper cortex of the brain is a liquid crystal, and it vibrates with energy of the rainbow!
I can work with you in a phone session to help you fully reactivate the rainbow crystal of your body, the brain!
The Nature of the Rainbow
The great power of your brain is that it connects you to the higher dimensional bodies, your energy and your deeper bodies.
The rainbow symbolizes ALL-DIMENSIONALITY, or awareness in every dimension.
The rainbow is the same as the white light, which contains ALL.
The rainbow of your body, your brain, contains the code for all of Life.
As you reactivate the brain, your brain enables you to work in harmony with nature and all other people!
This is because you can now get the information about their entire being from your brain, and thus now how they work at an electromagnetic level, and thus modulate your frequencies so that you work in harmony with their bodies!
* * *
If you are interested in a phone session please email me at for more info.
You can also visit my website for more info
I look forward to working with you!
* * *
Brain Activation for Self-Restoration
The brain remembers who you are in your perfect state.
Perfection is ever-new.
Perfection is constantly growing and evolving to new forms of ever greater beauty and joy
As you focus in your brain, you get the “blueprint” for your Self in its perfect state!
So as I work with you to reactivate your brain, you will be able to restore yourself to your ever-newly Perfect condition!
Time to Accelerate: The Planet is Ready
The Planet is ready to fully awaken now, and we the people must rise to the challenge, and restore ourselves to memory of our Divine Nature as perfect beings.
The brain activation work that you and I can do in phone sessions will enable you to accelerate your awakening and accelerate the flows of your life.
As your brain accelerates your body, it accelerates your whole life.
As you reactivate the brain, you will be contributing massive amounts of magnetic power to the planet so we can accelerate the planet into Her new future!
* * *
If you are interested in a phone session please email me at for more info.
You can also visit my website for more info
I look forward to working with you!
* * *
The Brain is the Master of Time
The upper cortex of your brain is the master of time, and the flows of your life.
As I assist you in doing the brain reactivation, you will heal your timelines and clear old lives or alternate realities, or fragments of yourself that have gotten scattered around due to life in this chaotic world.
As we do the brain activation together, you will find your entire megapolishackcheat.com/megapolishack/ being integrating, and becoming whole again.
The brain activation work will enable you to recall your Divine Identity and shape your life so that your life begins to reflect your God/Goddess Nature!
If you would like to work clash of clans hacked server with me in a phone session please do email me at !
Victory to You Great One!
PS: For videos of me as well as audios of other kinds of work I do, please visit my website

Written by: Chris Starks

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