Fire Emblem Warriors ‘Cordelia’ Action Trailer

Nintendo have released a new trailer for Fire Emblem Warriors which showcases Cordelia, the pegasus-riding fighter. The clip gives a look at Cordelia‘s fighting style which includes using her spear and winged-horse to lay waste to her foes. It also seems she can unleash an army of flying horses on her enemies which is pretty damn cool.

Cordelia was revealed last week and is described as a member of the Halidom of Ylisse’s Pegasus Knights. She links up with Chrom and fights as part of his army. She is a genius who can handle almost anything flawlessly.

Fire Emblem Warriors is a blend of Dynasty Warriors and the Fire Emblem series. The game features hack and slash combat and will utilise all existing Fire Emblem amiibos is due out for Switch and New 3DS on September 28 in Japan, and this fall in North America and Europe.

Jake Green

Written by: Jake Green

My name is Jake Green. Currently living in London and can be found rambling about video games online. I have a soft spot for VR, and value storytelling in games above all else.

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