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In July, Jagex revealed that they would be releasing both of their long-running MMORPGs Old School Runescape and Runescape to both iOS and Android devices in winter & early 2018 respectively. Machinima SBOC were invited by Jagex to check it out at its current development stage.

The upcoming year will definitely be a major year for Jagex with the release of Runescape Mobile, introducing cross-platform play across PC, iOS and Android devices. Being the first MMORPG of its kind to offer this, bringing Runescape to the mobile market is a big step & one that will entice both casual and experienced gamers with its Free-to-Play charm.

So what does this mean? Whether you’re on the train, chilling on the sofa, or sitting at your desk, you can log in to the game and pick up exactly where you left off.
Upon hearing the news, fans waiting for over 10 years could be heard around the world yelling, “Finally! I don’t have to stop playing to go to the toilet!”

Being a long term player, I tried to contain myself as I sat down with the Jagex guys, tablet in hand. I was shown a few swipe commands to understand the interface & then I logged on. My instant reaction was how impressed I was at how well it ran. With graphics set to high, running on a Google Pixel C tablet, it was running at a steady 60fps.
The user interface, we were told, was at an early developmental stage & that they were currently focusing on making sure the game runs as it should. We found the current version to still be easily playable, and enjoyed trying out a few skills & combat.


Community has always been a key word for Jagex & they are certainly proving it now. From bringing back features veteran players loved such as the Wilderness, to holding regular content polls and asking what the players want in their game, casual gamers will feel right at home alongside folk who prefer a keyboard to a touch screen.
With a “Back to our Roots” theme, this year’s annual Runescape convention Runefest went down a storm, with fans from all over the world attending to be amongst the first to try Runescape on mobile & hear from the creators themselves, what they have planned for the coming year.
“Our main focus right now is Unfinished Business,”, explains Mod Mark, “So what does that mean? It’s all about giving you the things we’ve talked about in the past and really delivering the promises we’ve made to you.”

Old School Runescape Mobile launching Winter 2017

Runescape Mobile to follow Early 2018

For Mod Mark’s full transcript of his speech at Runefest 2017 click here

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