Original ‘Hocus Pocus’ Director Wants A Sequel With Original Cast, Not A Remake

Original director of Hocus Pocus, Kenny Ortega has said that he would much rather see Disney make sequel to the film with its original cast, than a remake.

The film is one of the most-watched movies during the Halloween season, turning Hocus Pocus into something of a cult classic. And now Disney has decided to cash in on this cult status by remaking the film for the Disney Channel. Something that original director, Kenny Ortega doesn’t necessarily agree with.

Ortega attended The L.A. Dance Project’s annual gala over the weekend, where Entertainment Tonight asked him for his thoughts on the remake. Surprisingly, the director is all for another Hocus Pocus movie, but he would prefer to see the original Sanderson sisters – played by Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy and Sarah Jessica Parker – reprising their roles:

“More power to ’em! I would like to see a sequel, and I think that the fans would like to see a sequel. I think it would be much more fun to bring the ladies back. They’re all still vital and in their prime and capable of doing so much that it would be great to see Bette and Kathy and Sarah come back together to do another movie, and I think they would like to.”

All three of the actresses have expressed interest in coming back for another film in the past, but the idea of a remake had never been on the table. However, given the remake is for the Disney Channel, it’s highly unlikely that the original cast will return – but, we’ll just have to wait and see.

For now, all we know of the Hocus Pocus remake is that original producer David Kirschner is returning to helm to project, which is to be written by The RoyalsScarlett Lacey.


Written by: Lucy Cale

Lucy Cale is a writer, cinephile and cosplay enthusiast, who hopes to become a professional screenwriter. Failing that, a jedi.

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