New Animated Kirby Trailer Released Nintendo right back at the trailers!

Kirby Star Allies, the next entry in the flagship series, has received another cutesy trailer showcasing some of the new things your able to do in this Switch Exclusive.

The animated trailer sees Kirby being assisted by various famous Kirby enemies showing off the new copy abilities mechanic. This allows you to be able to mix things like your sword and fire abilities to create a flaming sword used to dispatch more foes or the ice and stone powers to create an ice puck that slides into enemies.

While the trailer doesn’t show any gameplay its art style is enough to get you excited for the game as it harkens back to the classic animated show Kirby Right Back At Ya, a show that found a whole new audience on the Wii.


Kirby Star Allies attempts to once again take the franchise back to the Co-op efforts of previous entries with a focus on the switches handy Co-op play. You and all your friends can also form special moves like rolling into an unstoppable ball together or create a bridge to pass large gaps. With much more to offer well have to wait until it launches this march to see what else this new Kirby adventure has to offer.

Kirby Star Allies Launches on March 16th in all countries for the Nintendo Switch. For more on Kirby Star Allies make sure you stick right here at MachinimaSBOC!

Dawson Roberts

Written by: Dawson Roberts

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