NYCC: Scott Snyder’s Last Batman Story Announced

Bringing the collaborators behind Batman in Rebirth together, DC’s convention staple panel revealed some of Gotham City’s secrets.

The panel, including Tom King, Scott Snyder, Sean Gordon Murphy, Cully Hamner, Tony Patrick, and James Tynion IV got together to delve into the future of the caped crusader. And while there was a lot of information to digest, the stand-out details were the announcement of one creator’s finale, and the long-awaited return of one character.

Scott Snyder will be leaving Batman behind “for a long time” – after writing one more story, of course. Teaming up with Sean Murphy (who’s currently writing and drawing Batman: White Knight) Snyder will cap his run with Batman: The Last Night.

“It’ll be my last Batman story… for a while,” Snyder explained, when announcing the series. It will take place “about 20-25 years in the future” and stars Damian Wayne as Batman. “He has this dream where he is saying, ‘yes father, I will become the Bat,’ then he wakes up in a hole in a ruined Gotham City. He doesn’t remember anything, and sees all this destruction, then a voice says ‘Hey kid, you gotta move.’”

The surprising thing about this? The voice is coming from Joker’s severed head, clipped to Batman’s belt.

Snyder teased that we will also see “Old Warrior Wonder Woman, Baby Superman,” and plenty more crazy takes of classic characters for what he is insisting is the end of his run on the Dark Knight for the foreseeable future.

In addition to this, Murphy already has an idea for a White Knight sequel in mind.

In Detective Comics’ current arc, James Tynion IV has been restoring Tim Drake to his former glory. He restored the character’s origin from pre-New 52 in the most recent issue, and Tynion has said that one relationship of Tim’s in particular is next.

“One of the questions people have had since we started focusing on Tim Drake is, ‘where is Conner Kent?’” Tynion said. “That question will be asked in the next issue of Detective Comics!”

Tynion is also working on writing a sequel to Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, where Bane, Batman, and Robin get dropped into the TMNT’s version of New York City, and Bane will supercharge TMNT villains with venom.

The next arc of Tom King’s Batman run (which will be 100 issues long altogether) will be exploring the recent engagement of Batman and Catwoman in Rules of Engagement. It’s 17 issues long for the over-arc, starting with a story that takes Batman and Catwoman to see Talia al Ghul, drawn by Joelle Jones.

“The second thing I thought after ‘Batman and Catwoman get engaged’ was ‘Catwoman and Talia have a sword fight in the desert,’” King teased. Which was, naturally, the next thing we all thought.

Whatever happens, it seems that there are a lot of exciting things coming up in Gotham City – not to mention Ninja Batman. Stay tuned!

Lucy Cale

Written by: Lucy Cale

Lucy Cale is a writer, cinephile and cosplay enthusiast, who hopes to become a professional screenwriter. Failing that, a jedi.

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