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Civilisation VI Launches Summer Update

Civ 6 launched its Summer 2017 Update yesterday which has brought new balancing, AI improvements and bug fixes. Also available is a brand new DLC pack. The DLC in question adds the Nubian civilisation, ruled by Queen Amanitore. The AI in particular has been the source of many complaints for

Gran Turismo Sport VR Mode Detailed

It’s been known for a while that Grand Turismo Sport would include a VR component but it has been unclear as to exactly what it would entail. Thanks to details on the game’s website, we now have a better idea of what to expect. The description for the VR component

Cult Classic FMV Game Night Trap Coming This August

Developer Screaming Villains have confirmed that the re-release of the iconic FMV game Night Trap will arrive in August this year. The news comes from the game’s Twitter account in a Tweet which you can view below; Playstation 4 & Steam – 8/15/17.@LimitedRunGames Physical Release – 8/11/17. — Screaming Villains

Live eSports Coming to BBC Three

Following in the footsteps of other broadcasters like Sky, the BBC are bringing Live eSports to its schedules. They will air live eSports every weekend for the next 6 weeks on BBC Three. There will be four hours shown each weekend covering the Gfinity Elite League Series One. Viewers can expect

For Honor Finally Getting Dedicated Servers

Ubisoft have announced that their era-spanning melee fighting game For Honor will finally be getting dedicated servers. In a move which has been long-demanded by fans, Ubisoft revealed the news in an in-house interview with Game Directors Roman Campos-Oriola and Damien Kieken. Speaking on the move to dedicated servers Kieken said

PS Plus Prices Are Going Up in August

In an email sent out to subscribers, Sony have revealed that prices for their online service PlayStation Plus will be going up in August. The price increase will hit Australia and Europe with the service costing  £50 / €60 / AU $80 from August 31. This signals a rise of £10/

Lego Worlds Gets a Nintendo Switch Release Date

It’s been known for a long-while that the construction-sandbox game Lego Worlds is coming to Nintendo Switch. Today, we finally got a firm release date. Lego Worlds will launch on Nintendo Switch on September 8 2017. The Nintendo Switch version of the game comes bundled with two-DLC packs. The first


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