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Team Killing Removed From Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th developer Gun Media recently released a list of bannable offences which included threats of sexual assault or violence and deliberate abuse of game exploits. Noticeably missing from the list was team killing which caused fans to question why it had been left off of the list. Gun

Fire Emblem Warriors ‘Cordelia’ Action Trailer

Nintendo have released a new trailer for Fire Emblem Warriors which showcases Cordelia, the pegasus-riding fighter. The clip gives a look at Cordelia‘s fighting style which includes using her spear and winged-horse to lay waste to her foes. It also seems she can unleash an army of flying horses on

DrinkBox’s Severed is Out Now on Nintendo Switch

DrinkBox Studios, the team behind Gaucamelee and Mutant Blobs have just released their first-person, dungeon crawling adventure game Severed. The game has already been released on IOS, 3DS and Wii U after initially launching on the PS Vita. Severed follows the story of a young woman called Sasha who, at

Gearbox Announces New Game “Project 1V1”

Gearbox, the developers behind the Borderlands series and last year’s Battleborn have announced that they are working on a new game, and it’s not quite what you’d think. The game is currently titled “Project 1V1” and is said to be a “competitive first-person shooter that combines the action of fast-paced

Legion season 2 to Emulate Aspects of the Comics

Re-Gifted While we’ll never see David Haller and his company of subversively-powered ‘mutant’ allies join forces with his alledged father and his students in the current X-Men or Gifted timelines it does mean that they can use locations and clothes from those franchises. At SDCC17 Dan Stevens said: “There’s some

Destiny 2 Trailer Outlines 4v4 Multiplayer

Activision have released a brand new trailer for the multiplayer mode, The Crucible, in Destiny 2. The game will feature 4v4 competitive multiplayer when it launches September 6 on consoles and October 24 on PC. The trailer, which can be viewed below, shows off new weapons and supers while giving

Lawbreakers Gets “Skilled af” Launch Trailer

Lawbreakers, the hero-shooter from Boss Key Productions launched today and to celebrate, has received a launch trailer which wants to know how skilled its players are. The trailer, which you can watch below, showcases the game’s intense, gravity defying action. It demands that you “Bring your skills” which looks to be

Ghost in the Shell – DVD Review

Directed: Rupert Sanders Screenplay: Jamie Moss, William Wheeler and Ehren Kruger (based on the comic “The Ghost in the Shell” by Shirow Masamune) In the 21st Century, more of us are plugged in. Major Mira Killian goes on a mission to bring down the cyber terrorist Hideo Kuze. Her responsibility lies


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