PlayStation VR, One Year On

To celebrate the one year anniversary of PlayStation VR, Sony have released a blog post looking back while also giving a hint of the future of the fledgling hardware. Shawn Layden, President and CEO of SCEA started off by detailing some of the issues the team have run into while

Spider-Man Might Be Leaving the MCU

Don’t get too used to seeing Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in the MCU, because there’s a chance he’s leaving sooner than we’d like. Spider-Man: Homecoming was a gamechanger, as it saw a deal struck between three companies: Sony, Marvel Studios and Disney. Finally realising that each of their attempts to reboot

Knack 2 Review (PS4)

Initial Release: September 6 2017 Unimaginative, repetitive and dull, Knack 2 is a throwback to platformers made 15 years ago in the worst possible way The brainchild of industry legend and PS4 system designer Mark Cerny, Knack seems to be the passion project that he always wanted to make as

Hidden Agenda is a Crime Thriller From Until Dawn Devs

Today, Sony announced some new titles for their PlayLink series of smartphone integrated PS4 games. As well as three others, Hidden Agenda was announced, which comes from none other than Supermassive Games of Until Dawn. The news comes from a post on the PlayStation Blog which outlines every upcoming PlayLink

Knack 2 Gets a Free PS4 Demo

Ahead of its release on September 5, Knack 2 has received a free PS4 demo which is available to download now from the PlayStation store. The demo takes you through the game’s monastery levels, which is a tutorial of sorts. Knack 2 follows the 2013 original which release to a

Sony Releases Details of the New PS4 Update

Sony’s latest firmware update for PlayStation 4, version 5.00, has started rolling out to Beta subscribers and now, the company have revealed the full details to the large update. In a post over on PlayStation Blog, Sony detailed some of the changes including a family management system, 1080p60 broadcasting with

Exclusive Interview with Tommy Yune at LFCC 2017

A major staple of Saturday morning animated entertainment was one that set a standard for contemporary Anime and brought it to the masses – Robotech. At London Film & Comic Con 2017 we caught up with Tommy Yune, Creative Director of Harmony Gold USA for a chat about their collaboration with Titan Comics

PS Plus Prices Are Going Up in August

In an email sent out to subscribers, Sony have revealed that prices for their online service PlayStation Plus will be going up in August. The price increase will hit Australia and Europe with the service costing  £50 / €60 / AU $80 from August 31. This signals a rise of £10/


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